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Why should I choose Mally's Crafts for my wedding stationery?

We have a range of theme and within each theme we have a range of products which are all matching. This enables your day to look flawless. You’re able to shop everything you will need for your wedding in one place.

Addtionally, if you do make an account on our website you can collect points from every time you order and redeem for further discounts.

When should I order for my wedding?

We recommend that you place your order at least two – three weeks before your wedding day.

Do you take deposits/bookings?

We do not take bookings. Any item you would like can be ordered on our website. If you’re looking for payment plans, we do offer Klarna.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We offer bundle discounts on some orders, starting from £100. More about this can be found under ‘Wedding Bundles’ on our website.
Sometimes, we will have our limited time only discounts which can be found on our social media. Please note, this does not happen all the time and we wouldn’t advise to wait for specific discounts.

Will I see a proof before my order is printed?

On some of our designs, you are able to personalise it yourself. As you personalise, there will be a preview of everything the item will say. If an item is not personalised by yourself, we are unable to offer previews.

What are your minimum order?

We do not require a minimum order, you can place an order for one product at a time. Our wedding themes will be not be discontinued nor removed from our website. It will be available all year round. However, do keep checking back. We’re always improving & adding new products to all ranges.

Can I change my order?

Once the order is placed it is sent immediately to our printers. Because of this, we’re unable to amend your order. Please double check before ordering.

Delivery Information

At basket / check out / in your order confirmation, you will see an Estimated Delivery Date. This is when you can expect your order to be delivered. Tracking information will be sent to you by SMS and/or Email once the order is dispatched allowing you to track the whole process and assign a safe place if required.

I paid for my order but haven’t been sent an email, what should I do?

Please check if the email has ended up in your spam folder/junk folder. If it’s not in there, it is possible the email was entered wrong at checkout. As long as you have a copy of your transaction, it means the order has gone through.

I am having problems with the website

If you are experiencing any of these problems: adding products to cart, viewing pages or products, completing payment, 404 page error.

Please email: [email protected]. Your email will be redirected to a team member from Griffin Web Design who will be happy to fix the problem for you!

Do you have a physical shop?

Currently we do not own a physical shop. We sell all our products online only.

I’m struggling to edit a design, what should I do?

If you are trying to edit a design on a phone, please try and edit on a laptop/computer. We are unable to edit your designs for you as they are completely personalisable

Do you have a telephone number I can contact?

We do not have a telephone number as some of our staff members are profoundly deaf. Thank you for your understanding.

I haven’t received my order and it’s been longer than the turnaround says, what should I do?

Please make sure you have only counted working days in our turnaround. If it has been longer than our turnaround and you still haven’t received your order, please check to see if you have received an email with a tracking number. This could be in your spam folder. If you have received it, check the tracking number as it may have already been dispatched.

How do I place an order?

Click on the product you would like to order. You can edit the product by clicking on it and a box should appear with all the
alterations you can make. If this isn’t working, there should be a box next to the photo, where you can fill out all the relevant details.
Add this to your basket and check everything before checking out. Please note we
are unable to make changes once you have checked out. Once your order has been completed, we will dispatch it. From there, you will receive
an email with tracking information which you can use to track your parcel.

I can’t add a product to a cart. What should I do?

If the website is not allowing you to add a product to a cart, it is possible this item is out of stock. We would advise to allow us a working week to get it back in stock or check our social media for updates.

My order arrived damaged/incorrect. What should I do?

First of all, we apologise. Please email [email protected] with photos of the damage/incorrect information alongside with your order number.

To speed up the process, please do also include packaging photos if your order arrived damaged.

Our Products + Service

Can I change the colour of a design?

Unfortunately we are unable to change the colour of any designs. However, the font colour can be changed by clicking on the wording. A box should appear that will give you the option to change colours, text size and the words.

You can also change the colour of the brush by clicking on the brush. A box should appear that will give you the option to change colours.

Can I make a board, that is portrait, landscape?

Unfortunately not, as the designs come as standard. However, any of our landscape boards wording can be changed by deleting and retyping whatever you would like it to say.

Do you take Bespoke designs?

At the moment, we are able to do a few Bespoke boards. If you search ‘Bespoke’ on our website, a number of designs will appear. Follow the instructions given and we will be able to design your order for you.

Do you have any photos of designs you have done?

Photos of designs we have done can be found on our social media pages. If you’d like to see how your design will look, many of our Personalisable boards can be edited and a preview is given.

Do you do any Christening/Birthday boards?

All of our Christening/Birthday designs can be found under ‘Shop By Occasion’

What are your boards made out of?

Any information regarding a product can be found in the description underneath the item on our website. This includes what material it is made out of and what size it is.

What is the difference between a Bespoke item and a Personalised item?

A Bespoke item requires you to place an order and follow the instructions next to the product, on our website. It will ask you to send your details to the following email addresses. After we have designed a draft, you will receive an email so you can check before we start printing. A Personalised item is one that requires you to edit the board yourself. The website allows you to click on any part of the board (apart from the actual design) and change it to your vision. This includes changing the wording, font size and colour of font.

Can you drill my signs?

We are able to drill your signs as long as you add this product into your basket before checkout
https://www.mallyscrafts.co.uk/product/uncategorised/please-drill-my-sign/ .

I already have an easel but I would like to know what size of board would fit it

You can find the sizes of boards under item description when you have clicked on the product. You will be able to see which board would fit your easel there.

Can I change the font of a design to a font I like from another range?

Unfortunately not, as the fonts are designed to be in that particular range. Only the font colours can be changed.

Do you sell the easel/stands that’s in your photos on social media?

We don’t sell the large easel at the moment however all other stands can be found here 

I want to order my Table Plan but I have to wait for my guests to respond, what should I do?

We would advise to only place an order once all guests have been
confirmed, to save confusion. Please do be aware that we cannot alter any orders once it has been placed. We are also unable to speed up the turnaround for late orders as we have a set turnaround time.

Do you do Stationery?

All of our wedding stationery can be found in each bundle.
Please use our “Filter’ tool to look through a range.

Do you do invitations?

At the moment, we do not offer invitations. We are looking into this but it will most likely be launched later in the year.

Acrylic Sizings

At the moment, acrylic is only available up to an A2. Please do keep an eye on our social medias for updates as to when A1 will be available.

Can’t find the right answer?

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